5 Signs Your Pet Has Asthma

Asthma is a common and sometimes debilitating condition that affects millions of humans every day.

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How To Clip a Dog’s Toenails

All dog owners must have a feeling of dread overcoming them whenever it’s time to clip their pet’s toenails. Either past experiences with this daunting task might have deterred them, or stories about what has happened with other dog owners and their dogs can scare people to postpone this necessary task indefinitely.

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The Myth of Grain-Free Diets

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about pet food. That is why we wanted to highlight grain-free diets, an increasingly popular trend, and why its purported benefits may not actually be based in truth.

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How Can I Protect My Dog Against Heartworms?

Heartworms are parasitic roundworms that can be transmitted to your dog via mosquito bites. Your dog should be tested by your vet every six months to check him or her for heartworms that were contracted during the previous season, as early detection is the key to properly treating your pet.

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Puppies and Parvo: What Every New Puppy Owner Should Know

If you have just adopted a new puppy, or are soon to get one, parvo should be something that you familiarize yourself with. Parvo is an illness that affects dogs, most commonly puppies. And if not treated, it can become deadly. Here at Cypress Animal Clinic, serving the greater Orange area, we want all new puppy owners to know about parvo and to be on the lookout for it, as knowing this information can save a puppies life. Here is what every new puppy owner should know about parvo.

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5 Winter Care Tips For Your Dog

At Cypress Animal Clinic, we know animals are not just pets, they are family. If this is something that you feel strongly about as well, then you likely want to do everything you can in order to keep your pets safe during the holiday season. Chilly seasonal temperatures in Orange can affect your pet, especially smaller animals or those that spend a lot of time outside. Meanwhile, a bored dog or cat can chew on houseplants, decorations, and seasonal foods that are not healthy to be consumed.

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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving season. It’s a time for great food, companionship of family and friends, and sharing good cheer and fellowship. And your pets can should enjoy the holidays too. But it can also be a stressful and even dangerous time for your pets unless you are aware of the specific hazards that holiday celebrations bring and take steps to ensure their safety and well being.

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How to Safely Trim Your Dog's Nails

Part of dog ownership is ensuring that your dog’s claws are trimmed properly. Dog claws continue to grow throughout life just as human fingernails continue to grow.

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What You Need To Know About Tick Season And Your Dog

Tick season is upon us, and during this season, Lyme disease is a real threat to dogs in most areas of the United States. Going for a walk in the woods or even in a field with long grass can mean ticks galore.

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The Hidden Dangers Of Using Essential Oils On Your Pet

The use of aromatherapy has become widespread for the treatment of a variety of ailments, and many loving pet owners who have found good results from the use of essential oils for themselves have considered using similar products on their pets. Unfortunately, essential oils that are safe for human use are not always safe for family pets--even if they are "all-natural."

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